Evolving Consciousness

Reflections from the Evolving Consciousness conference Saturday 30th November, 2019 at Colet House, London “What is now proved was once only imagined,” wrote William Blake. London’s greatest modern mystic lent his inspiration to our gathering as around 150 people met in Colet House, London. Organised by the Scientific and Medical Network, generously supported by the … [Read more…]

A cosmic dance of human qualities

A meeting of planets in the morning and evening skies The morning and evening skies of late November present a wonderful dance of the planets. A dance of polarities that at the same time relates to us. In the morning sky, from about the 20th November onward, we see Mercury rising up to visibility out … [Read more…]

The autumn equinox and Michaelmas

Writing this on a Michaelmas day, in 2019, I reflected at the time on a visit the previous day to Wells in Somerset and the wonderful St. Andrews Cathedral, taking a tour of the cathedral and attending the evensong service. The tour guide spoke of how the church is on the site of two previous … [Read more…]

Reflections on Whitsun ~ a festival for our time?

On Whitsun day and Whitmonday and in Whitsuntide, we can ponder on what it means. That the Holy Spirit descended on humankind as a gift from God have become phrases in the church that few have an inkling what is being talked about. Perhaps in our material time we simply cannot comprehend spirit initiated changes … [Read more…]

Mercury Rising – A Planet of Relationships

At the end of February and beginning of March this year, the position of sun and earth was favourable to view a rare guest in the evening sky, one who most of the time wanders invisibly in the vicinity of the sun: Mercury. Its reached its highest point in the arch at the turning point … [Read more…]

“Is there a place for spirit in science and medicine?”

A Medical and Science Seminar with Peter Heusser and others, 8th-9th June 2018, University of Westminster. Review by Simon Charter M Ed, joint co-ordinator of the Natural Science Section of the  UK Anthroposophical Society  This event was a triumph of straight forward logical thinking  and common sense in the face of a issue which can … [Read more…]

Mystics and scientists emerging to the reality of the One Life within all

by Janice Dolley The Original Christmas message was one of ‘good news’ and this year, springing forth from beneath the plethora of negative ‘stuff’, is the good news that western civilisation is starting to emerge from the underpinning falsehood of materialism to discover, or is it rediscover, the reality of the One Life within all … [Read more…]