A cosmic dance of human qualities

A meeting of planets in the morning and evening skies

The morning and evening skies of late November present a wonderful dance of the planets. A dance of polarities that at the same time relates to us.

In the morning sky, from about the 20th November onward, we see Mercury rising up to visibility out of its proximity to the sun, now in advance of the sun – befitting its role as messenger of the Gods! Mercury, as an image of flexibility and the ability to change, approaches another cosmic member – Mars, which is passing above (see the diagram to the right, with the dates noted). Mars brings with it a very different quality: of strength and endurance. On the 25th November, the moon joins the two in a row together, in its last sliver of waning before ‘joining’ the sun the next day as New Moon.

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The evening sky presents another impressive dance. Here we have the meeting of knowledge and love, head and heart, in the conjunction of Jupiter and Venus on 24th November. And the moon becomes the messenger tying the morning sky to the evening, joining the two on 28th November, perhaps we could say bringing the qualities of flexibility and steadfastness or courage to the constellation of head and heart. Saturn, in its quality of cosmic memory, looks on from its position nearby…

Hopefully the skies may show some clearness to enable viewing these events, but in whatever case may the dance of the planets shine its clarity and warmth into our human heads and hearts!