The Time is Now

The Time is Now

It seems that a great shift of the ages is underway and I’m hoping that some of us who have been sensing this and working towards it in different ways can share our insights on both what is happening and what might be ahead.

Here are some of mine. They come from several sources such as my own inner knowing and meditative awareness, several teachings from higher sources through certain people who act as channels and which reach me on the Internet and extra-terrestrial sources passed on by centres of receptivity. So I make no claim that anyone of them are ‘the truth’ but as they all share many similar messages this resumé might assist your own insights.  We aren’t passive observers or recipients of what is underway but are conscious co-creators of a much needed transition to a new world.  Some of us follow one particular teaching or other and some of us are more eclectic and gather from different sources.  My own are underpinned by my Christian background  which, interpreted in a new way, could be perceiving this as the long awaited birth of ‘Christ Conscious’ within humanity. However there are several possible perceptions and interpretations.

There is an astrological perspective 

Astrologers tell us we are heading at speed towards the energy peak of the year. This is heralded by the total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius on the 14th December that has incredibly intense energy of the old and the new.  Then on the Winter Solstice we have the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn (21st December), when a ‘magnificent celestial stargate will open in the heavens marking the dawning of the new Age of Aquarius’ and the 1st day of the Satya Yuga when, as humanity, we will experience a quantum leap in consciousness as we shift from a long period of cosmic darkness unto a golden new age.

This is an incredibly concentrated period of time, and we are told that not only is this the biggest opportunity of our lifetime but of many lifetimes to shift our consciousness. We need to maximise this window of opportunity to make a quantum leap.  Although all of us will be experiencing a major upgrade, many people may not notice this, and from that point on we are on a greater spread of individual timelines, as the gap between low-frequency 3D reality and the New Earth or 5D reality will be greater than we have ever known.

We are being helped by many things; the gamma high-frequency light pouring onto the Earth, the galactic pulse that is due to arrive on the Winter Solstice, benevolent galactic help, the Earth upgrading herself as her magnetic core shifts, and of course the astrology itself.  However as human beings we always have freewill about our thinking and our mindset.  We would be wise to do everything we can to raise our frequency as we head into this period, only a few weeks away now.

As we go into the Winter Solstice it seems that whatever frequency we are at (joy, love, gratitude, appreciation – or anger, hate, confusion) will become magnified at that time, signified by Jupiter in Aquarius.  So to make the most of this incredible opportunity we need to very conscious of our choices, such as where we are putting our attention and our energy, and the resultant frequency at which we are operating.  We can be out in nature loving the trees and the colours, or meditating, doing breath work and doing everything we can to be at the best place for what is to come.  We will not only be helping ourselves in this quantum leap to get on a higher timeline, but also helping others as our frequency always affects the whole.

Some people may not feel the energy on that day, for others it may happen gradually over the coming months, but that all of us will experience a DNA and consciousness upgrade then because of the surge of energy coming into the Earth.  This is a massive opportunity to evolve along with Gaia.  So we are advised to prepare for this transformational period, especially on the Winter Solstice, especially around 11.11 am UTC.  It also seems that the waves of energy have already started and will build towards this time so if we can be sensitive to these we will then be well prepared.

The perspective of a geological biologist 

Last evening a group of us spoke with Rory Duff who, for several decades, has been scientifically mapping earth energy lines and what has been emitted from the inner core which affects all life and the frequencies of energy within matter.  He says that a combination of earth electromagnetic core, solar energy from the sun and the active galactic nuclei work together through cosmic energy and bring world shifting changes every 12,000 years.  He is expecting us to be hit by both a plasmic wave and a galactic current sheet which will precipitate many changes and lead us towards the often predicted Golden age.  He says these energy waves will come in surges of increasing intensity culminating this December 2021 solstice and continuing into 2021.  He suggests we will need a flexible mind set to navigate this because it will require us to let go of much within ourselves as well as much of what we had previously thought was so. It seems that from December the 9th we are in a transition zone which will feel tumultuous as it is re organising our DNA and much that needs clearing within us in emotional or other ways will surface for us to recognise and clear.  There is a possibility of solar flares which could put out electricity and internet connections in some or all areas.  However we are being supported from multidimensional levels, including possibly extra-terrestrials, because these changes are affecting our whole solar system and therefore ripple out.

So what might we expect? 

The astrology of this period indicates an acceleration of the collapse of the old order, systems and structures that will cause more people to wake up to the battle between the individual and the state and begin to diminish the abuse of power where corruption or lack of integrity is found.  It seems that there will be a growing world view of interconnectedness which will shift everything – social and political structures, the economy, values and culture.  The mode will be rather more ‘how can I help others?’ than ‘how can I make a profit from this?’

It seems from many sources that our very DNA will be changing or upgrading.  It also seems that the veils are thinning between different levels of frequency.  Maybe it will be easier to communicate with our ancestors, with beings in nature and with our own higher soul selves.  As we fully enter the long heralded age of Aquarius there will be less emphasis on our individual consciousness and more on a growing group consciousness. So the advice is to connect with groups and networks that support us, both at a distance and in our local communities where cooperation over practical needs can best be arranged.

These energies will also be highlighting tendencies within ourselves which need to be released and transformed so it may well feel a somewhat turbulent time. The advice from all quarters is to release any sense of anxiety or fear within us, embrace the idea that this is a time for harnessing a consistent heart coherence with our souls and seek a place of transcendence within.  Maybe if we can observe and love ourselves and each other this transition will feel easier.

It is a good idea not to watch any TV as many people realise that this lowers our frequencies and instead read something inspiring or speak to friends who seem to be on the same page as ourselves. None of us feels fully prepared but if we can stay in our hearts and assist others who may also be floundering then we will be more available to the’ new’ that is coming in.

My own experience 

I realise that each of us is on a different journey and that if we follow our inner sense then we can remember that each thought, each act of kindness or endeavour contributes to the whole.  We cannot know which of us will be the 100th monkey! Maybe we will begin to live from the ‘inside out’ rather than ‘the outside in’.

My own sense is a need to be as uninvolved as possible in normal discussion and planning.  I feel the need for much more inner silence, meditation and aligning to the flow as is possible and am postponing even scheduled meetings until mid-January when life may seem very different.  We are told that this is a once in many lifetimes opportunity so we need to be as fully present as we can from now until maybe after the first week or so of January.

Each of us may well have been already experiencing these changes in different ways.  During November I have increasingly been feeling the need to spend more time in interiority, more frequent meditative moments or sessions and much less mental or outer activity.  I have been postponing as many tasks with the various projects I’m engaged in until mid to late January by when we may feel we’re in a very new space. I was hesitant to postpone one planned meeting which involved introducing someone to the work of the Unity Community but messaged a colleague who was sharing this task with me to say it did not feel the right time as my energies were not with this.  His response was ‘I agree’.  There is an influx of a whole new dispensation of cosmic energies on earth, so holding a stable and receptive group field is essential.  This was most affirming and we will need these affirmations if the changes are as tumultuous as some predict or else it may prompt us to think that a few of our ‘marbles’ are dropping away!

We are also advised to pay more attention to our dreams. I am not a regular dreamer but the last couple of nights I have had dreams in different settings in which everyone is happy, cooperating and enjoying life.  One friend who is wiser than I was handing me all her contacts in a ‘have these, they may help you’ kind of way.  This might be indicating that my role is to hold a clear vision of the sort of world we would like to live into.  On the other hand another friend has just told me of her recent significant dream.  She was walking along a path lined by people in a row all wearing white robes and hoods. Then she found herself facing a figure in black robes, and a black hood but with no face inside who was somewhat menacingly confronting her.  In the dream she knew it was her job to send a powerful light so, with all her inner might she summoned light from deep within herself and directed it towards this figure in a very strong intentioned way.  It was then that the black hood started to show little pinpricks of light until suddenly all the black dissolved.  This seemed to her to be carrying an important message that there is a dark agenda and abuse of power across the planet that keeps the inhabitants of planet earth from awakening to our divinity.  Not many people have awakened to this as yet but those of us who have realised need to face the abuse of power over us all under the guise of assisting and hold a strong enough light to help us all with what the Bible calls ‘the last battle’.  These times can be a turning point in protecting humanity as a free species of sovereign beings.  Apologies if this sounds serious for this time of year but it is a step on the path that we need to face and resolve.  Some liken this to the birth of a new epoch for humanity and say that we are currently in the birth canal and that because of the cosmology and the physics this is unstoppable.

Hopefully you too will have your own awareness of what is underway and if so I’ll be very pleased to learn from you because we can each contribute to the whole.  Even in my Open University days we spoke and wrote about learning communities.  So maybe sharing with each other and assisting those who are understandably confused is a good way ahead…

Loving blessings for our journeys through this next period.

Janice Dolley

P.S. On the 21st of December 2020 at 9:00 PM GMT there will be a global minute of silence to celebrate humanity’s widespread engagement with the power of silence and to bring about global cooperation, peace and freedom.  Occurring at the same time as a Chalice of Silence (an extended 30 minutes of silence from 8:45 PM to 9:15 PM GMT) which will be broadcast on Facebook and on the global silent minute website.

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