Evolving Consciousness

Reflections from the Evolving Consciousness conference Saturday 30th November, 2019 at Colet House, London “What is now proved was once only imagined,” wrote William Blake. London’s greatest modern mystic lent his inspiration to our gathering as around 150 people met in Colet House, London. Organised by the Scientific and Medical Network, generously supported by the … [Read more…]

Future Feminine

A report from the conference hosted by Brahma Kumaris at Global Cooperation House, London in June 2018 – Future Feminine ~ Young Women and their Importance in the World From the invitation: “Something around the world is shifting.  The spirit of the feminine is on the move.  Often it’s young women who are driving the change, whether it … [Read more…]

New Story Hub

A sampling from the New Story Hub Past editions (click on the banner above for the most recent): From Apartheid to Ecovillages | Kosha Joubert | TEDxFindhorn Thursday, 4 Jun 2015“Apartheid is not an old issue that died in the nineties”, Kosha tells us. “Apartheid means ‘to be in a state of separation’” and it … [Read more…]