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The One Spirit Alliance works to promote and provide a forum for spiritually-minded people, organisations and networks to foster connection and collaboration between them.

Our vision

The One Spirit Alliance is founded on a recognition of the One Spirit that underpins all life.  This One Spirit inspires a shared consciousness that takes us beyond all established boundaries. It is underpinned by values and principles that ignite our love for each other and foster care and appreciation of our planetary home and its place in the cosmos. This awareness has grown out of meditation, individual and collective spiritual experience and new approaches to science which have lead to a realisation of the greater whole.

The vision of One Spirit Alliance is to facilitate the coming together of the diverse spiritual paths which draw on a variety of faith, ethical and ecological traditions as well as new explorations. By engaging in conscious conversations and shared silence we can discover the unity that lies at the heart of all paths that seek a harmonious way of life. We believe in the principle of one global family. For more on the background of OSA, click on <About OSA>.

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“Future Feminine” – A report from the conference in June 2018 at Global Cooperation House
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Mercury in the heights – a planet of relationships

(adapted from an article by Wolfgang Held in ‘A tempo’, Feb 2019, freely translated from the German)

At the end of February and beginning of March this year, the position of sun and earth is favourable to view a rare guest in the evening sky, one who most of the time wanders invisibly in the vicinity of the sun: Mercury. Its reaches its highest point in the arch at the turning point of the two months (see diagram).

Mercury stands as a counterpoint to the quiet of the other heavenly bodies: the calm procession of the stars, the long graceful interweaving of the other planets through night skies, taking their course through the constellations in seeming independence of the sun’s movements. Mercury, in contrast, is only to be seen in the skies of dawn or dusk when no other stars are yet visible, when day and night come together, in the meeting space of landscape and the heavens. It is a planet of relationships.

This quality of mercury can be seen in other physical phenomena. For instance, if we calculate how much larger the diameter of the earth’s 12,742 km is to the diameter of mercury’s 4,879 km, it is exactly to two decimal places the relationship of the Golden Ratio, or 1.61. This approximate relationship of 5:8 we find everywhere in nature as a universal ratio for growth, from twig segments to buds to pine cones…

There’s another interesting number relationship unique to mercury not only in space but in time: Mercury rotates on its axis every 58 days, and needs 88 days to circle the sun. This time it’s not in the proportion of the golden ratio but of 2:3, which in music is the relationship the 5th interval. Armin Husemann notes in his book The Harmony of the Human Body: Musical Principles in Human Physiology that this relationship weaves into the structure of the lungs: on the right side there are three, on the left two lobes; the branching of the whole bronchial system is built up on the principle of 2:3. The interval of the fifth is one of harmony and balance, standing half way between the unison and the octave. Breathing is a harmonising and balancing process. Perhaps it’s not surprising that in antiquity the planet mercury stood in relationship to the lungs…

While on the topic of breathing, another amazing number relationship: we breathe on average 18 times per minute, with heart beat on average 72 per minute, or four times the rate. If we calculate how many times we breathe within a day’s period, we arrive at 25,920… which is the number for the Great Year or Platonic Year – the period in which all the planets and fixed stars complete a cycle and return to a configuration they have occupied before.

There are many, many such wonders in the relationships of the circling heavenly bodies to the structures and processes in nature and the human being. Truly we are all part of one great harmonious picture, with rhythms and relationships mirrored and connected throughout!


A selection of events which may be of  interest to you! Click on the title (if underlined) for more information, otherwise see our Places, People & Events page for more information about the centres, sample events and contact details.

16 March, Metal Colour Light Therapy, The experiential and therapeutic effect of the sunlight passing through the coloured glasses, Helios Medical Centre, Bristol
16-17 March, Accompanying the Next Generation, Is there a culture you would like to create in your home and community, a way of being that nourishes life and honours everyone’s needs?… St. Lukes Therapy Centre
23 March, Heresies! Freeman College, Sheffield (see Places, People & Events page)
30-31 March, The Inner Causes of Distress and Well-being –Insights from Buddhist Psychology with B. Alan Wallace, hosted by CCN, Leeds
2 April, Meditation for Life – with Marjatta van Boeschoten, Steiner House, London
5 April, Quiet Days ~ Transitions of Life, Ammerdown Centre, Radstock
1-7 April, Relating Across Divides, Oxford Three Faiths Week, Spirit of Peace, St. John’s College, Oxford
4 April, Spiritual Care Matters, The importance of spirituality in health and social care, Oxford Centre for Spirituality & Wellbeing
6-7 April, Technology, spirituality and well-being, The possible human in the digital age, Mystics & Scientists, University of Greenwich
27-28 April, Embracing Dying. In the Western world we have largely lost our relationship to death and dying... This is for volunteers, care-workers and all who wish to work with this subject; Cathie Green, Woodston, Tenbury Wells
12-14 April, Communicating and Co-Creating with the World of Nature Spirits, Emerson College
25 May, 14 September,
Quiet Days – The ‘I AM’ sayings of Jesus, Ammerdown Centre, Radstock
29 May, Inside Our Awakening Universe: The New Cosmic Story and the Meaning of Faith, lecture by Prof. John F Haught, Living Spirituality Connections, at Winchester University
8 June, Human Flourishing on a Flourishing Earth: Finding a way together, a day event with award-winning environmentalist Nicola Peel and others, Living Spirituality Connections at Brighthelm Centre, Brighton
10 August, Quiet Days ~ Transitions of Life, Ammerdown Centre, Radstock

Further information on these events and the organisations involved, see under Places, People & Events

 “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited;
imagination, however, encompasses the whole universe.”
(Albert Einstein)

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The aim is to show a sampling of the wide variety of creative intiatives, organisations and events which have a base in a spiritual and holistic orientation towards life. Really, it’s quite amazing! For any member of the public looking for something in this direction, it can be a help and guidance. For the sceptical materialists, it is evidence of a different widespread spiritual orientation – that is rapidly gaining ground!

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Launch of the Albion Project Website

The Albion Project Website had its launch April 2018 at Chalice Well, Glastonbury, a legacy project of the Wrekin Trust. This site explores the essential ideas contained in British spirituality. It acknowledges the central role played by key forerunners and the emergence of many positive forward thinking organisations. You will find links to these projects plus a wonderful directory of forty one sacred sites from Callanish in the north of Scotland to St Michael’s Mount in Cornwall. You’ll discover stories of legends, myths and histories that combine to illuminate our understanding of the ancient name for Britain, Albion, for when Albion awakes the long sleep will be over. It provides a window into an amazing unfoldment of spiritual wisdom with many links to publications, books, maps and further information.

Click here to visit the new Albion website. Contact them if you would wish to be listed amongst initiatives taking place in the UK.

Science and Spiritual Practices  by Rupert Sheldrake

This book, first published in 2017 in hardback edition, is now out in softback! Well known for his book, The Science Delusion, Sheldrake takes the topic further in this new book, Science and Spiritual Practices, exploring how spiritual practices are now being investigated scientifically by many.

Rupert Sheldrake summarizes the latest scientific research on what happens when we take part in spiritual practices, and suggests ways that readers can explore these fields for themselves. For those who are religious, Science and Spiritual Practices will illuminate the evolutionary origins of their own traditions and give a new appreciation of their power. For the non-religious, this book will show how the core practices of spirituality are accessible to all, even if they do not subscribe to a religious belief system.

For a YouTube video interview with Sheldrake about his book, see

The Biology of Belief

Some 10 years ago, Bruce Lipton came out with his groundbreaking book, The Biology of Belief. As with Rupert Sheldrake’s books (see above) or Eben Alexander’s book, Proof of Heaven, it especially shook scientists, as here were scientists themselves, not just some spiritually minded mystics, challenging materialistic views of the prevailing science of today and showing how we can apply scientific thoughts and methods to spiritual matters.

New clips keep appearing of Bruce Lipton on the themes of his book, delightful and provocative on various themes. This clipping here appeared on YouTube recently. Enjoy!

Hawkwood College celebrates 70 years!

Founded in 1948 Hawkwood offers courses, retreats, special events and residencies throughout the year.  Set in beautiful surroundings it is a vibrant centre for learning, nourishment of body and soul and future thinking.

We are celebrating our 70th anniversary this year and there is so much to be grateful for.  First and foremost is our beautiful surroundings – 42 acres of organically managed land with Cotswold views and a lovely Grade II list house and converted stables, craft studios, woodland sanctuary, and new outdoor classroom. Then there is the founding ethos of Rudolf Steiner’s spiritual science that quietly underpins our development into a vibrant centre for learning, nourishment of body and soul and future thinking…  more (click here)

The Heart of Light Attunement –

Heart-of-light-banner-bAt 9.00 pm every night, join a community across the world making its attunement with the heart of light. Follow your own practice – a prayer, holding an image of light, speaking a formula, lighting a candle – but above all link with spirit and with all who share in this attunement. For further information, go to

Other initiatives which may be of interest to you:

sunrise over lake - small-Aurora
Introducing the school of Intuitive Herbalism ~
for more information see our Places, People and Events page

New Story Hub - inspiring pathways for our planetary future

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