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There be no secrets!

It seems part of our time that many things come out in the open that people or groups, for reasons of ego or greed, have tried to keep secret. ‘The truth will out’, as the saying goes, and there seems a particular abundance of such instances in our times. It’s almost as if we as human beings are becoming more ‘transparent’, that our inner thoughts, attitudes and actions are becoming more visible, harder to hide in sheaths of egotism. Perhaps it is all to prod us to raise our selfish egos to a higher level, to one of selflessness, where we are not just serving ourselves but our fellow human beings, mindful of caring for all life around us.

A passage in St. Luke’s Gospel comes to mind:

“There is nothing hidden which cannot be revealed, and nothing secret that cannot become known. All that you say in the dark shall be heard in the light, and what you whisper to one another in your own rooms shall be proclaimed loudly from the housetops.” (Luke 12:2-3)

But there is also another level to this, not just that ill-thought and ill-begotten secrets will come out, but that the inner light, the spiritual light, wishes to shine and be proclaimed. We need the courage to proclaim the spirit, in our lives and with others. Not in the sense of preaching and proselytising – rather in the sense of having the courage, not being afraid, to speak our convictions, when the spirit moves you, as the Quakers would say.

“No one lights a lamp only to cover it with a vessel or to place it under the bed. Rather, it is put on a stand, so that all who enter may see the light.” (Luke 8:16)

May the year bring truth, light and peace!

Spirit of Peace Newsletter 

The new Spirit of Peace newsletter is out, with information on future events and reports on past events.

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The Dark Night of the Soul

The new issue of the Kosmos Online Newsletter has gone out 12 December 2017. The leading inspiring article is entitled, ‘The Dark Night of the Soul’.

from the editorial:

Dear Reader,

The days are short and cold here as we await the return of the light. When I tune into the news, or social media, I can’t help but wonder if the whole world hasn’t entered a ‘dark night’, a crisis of the soul. And if true, in such uncertain times, how do we keep hope alive? What purpose or lessons might this dim passage in our collective story hold for us?

The other day, a friend of Kosmos, Scott Lennox, asked ‘what can I do for you?’. ‘Tell me the human family is going to be OK’, I replied. Scott paused. When he was a combat medic in Vietnam he was often asked, ‘will I make it?’. Scott said he would share with me what he told those men whose hands he held… READ MORE

A Calendar of the Soul

In mid-winter, in the time of outer darkness, the challenge and revelation for the soul is to find the bright inner light of the spirit, nurturing this like a child new-born, and letting it shine into the darkness.

To bear the light of spirit into cosmic winter night
Aspires blissfully my heart’s desire,
That soul seeds luminous
In cosmic grounds be rooted,
And the word of God resound in senses dark
Transfiguring all that is.

I feel the spirit child
Set free from spell in womb of soul;
The holy cosmic word conceived
In clarity of heart
The heaven fruit of hope,
Which joyous grows towards farthest worlds
Out of my being’s godly ground.

The verses in ‘The Calendar of the Soul’ were written by Rudolf Steiner for each week of the year (original in German), reflecting the soul experiences we can feel and through which we can inwardly grow in relationship to the time of the year. Through such reflections and meditations on the changing soul experiences through the year, one can develop a deep inner soul connection to the cycle of the seasons.

For the full 52 Calendar of the Soul Verses for each week of the year, go to http://www.calendarofthesoul.net/booklet.asp?Verse=1&Author=

UK marks Third International Day of Yoga, 21st June, 2017

photos of celebrations at Trafalgar Square

Aurora Gatherings –

places for reconnecting with our authentic essence

Almost 3 years ago some 20 friends of Cygnus came together to explore what they needed most. Above all, they wanted to meet with others of “like-heart” in their neighbourhood to support each other’s inner growth, regardless of beliefs and background.  It soon became clear that no existing groups or organisations offered what they were looking for, all seemed to have an agenda of some sort. They wanted  to be able to leave their beliefs and preconditioned thoughts at home and walk into the gatherings for heart to heart conversations. They were clear that having an agenda, with talks or prepared discussion topics, would interfere with their aim of  living in the moment, in the spirit of “Thy Will be done” and surrendering control to the Universal Spirit.

Frankly, Geoff Napier was surprised and doubted that many would be attracted to meetings without a subject, with no goal or preferred outcome. 

Nevertheless a trial meeting was arranged and, to his amazement it was a great success.  There are now about 90 local groups, most of them meeting without agendas, by choice.   They really treasure being with others, watching them grow inwardly, month by month. Geoff Napier is now supporting the non-structured groups under the name of Aurora Gatherings, whether or not they are associated with Cygnus. 

If you would like to find out more about Aurora Gatherings and whether there is a group nearby, contact him at:  Click here to send an email  or call 01285 762 982 for more info, for a growing list of groups visit: www.auroragatherings.com

 The Global Free Spirit Healing Monthly Meditation

Our next Global Free Spirit Healing Meditation:
Return to the sacred heart

Sunday 25th June at 7.30pm GMT

Is it time for you to remember your free spirit? 

The first Global Free Spirit Healing Meditation was so phenomenal that we have decided to hold a monthly free meditation to assist ourselves, mother earth, and the wider collective at this crucial time. Those who participated in the first Global Free Spirit Healing Meditation fed back how amazing they felt, experiencing new levels of abundant energy and joy! How amazing! We guided participants to connect to and express their free spirit, and we have recieved wonderful creations from the participants including poetry, visions and artwork that they have created in response to the meditation.

The Global Free Spirit Healing Meditation is an incredible opportunity for us to join together from all over the world to remember our highest state of being- our free spirit and to help to raise the vibration of our most beautiful planet.

Resonating at the highest frequency for the highest clearing we will come together as energy on the global light grid. Together, from the comfort of our own sacred meditation spaces, we will witness, release and clear deeply held limiting beliefs and falsehoods so that we may live our highest purpose and be of best service to ourselves and the wider collective.

By connecting to our hearts we will connect through time and space to our guides, Angels, galactic star families and indigenous ancestors to support this birth back into our highest truth. To fulfil our souls mission on this earth at this pivotal time.

We will publish a free audio guided meditation at 6pm GMT at www.thefreespiritnetwork.com to support you in reconnecting to the sacred space of the heart and to the free spirit healing collective.


You are welcome to connect to this beautiful guided meditation from the first Global Free Spirit Healing Meditation on the link below


To inspire and involve – www.thefreespiritnetwork.com

OSA One Spirit Summit 2016

New Story – New Era: Responding together to the call of spirit, Saturday, 17th September

This was a wonderful event, inspiring for the substance that many contributors brought, uplifting for the company of the many like-minded participants attending and the many conversations and interactions that ensued, and enheartening for the generosity of all those who gave towards making the day possible, including especially the hosts, Brahma Kumaris, who provided facilities and delicious lunch and refreshments on a gifting basis. This enabled the One Spirit Alliance to do similarly for all those attending.

Download a transcript of Ursula King’s talk: The Rise of the Spirit in an Evolutionary Universe


Fireside Gathering

‘Cross Currents in Consciousness’ – 5-6 December 2015

The Abbey1

The weekend retreat at The Abbey in Sutton Courtenay in December was an inspiration and a treat. On Saturday the larger One Spirit Alliance grouping explored through sharing experiences, dialogue and creative work, steps we might take for further collaborative work together. Different themes were discussed in working groups. Especially impressive was the exercise we did together called ‘take a petal’, in which all participants put suggestions on coloured paper petals for themes and possible speakers for the OSA September 2016 conference as well as how our respective organisations could contribute. The collective sharing was then put together in the form of a flower (see photo).fireside2015b

Sunday was a quiet day for reflection, sharing and meditation, for which The Abbey was a perfect venue, complete with a cosy log fire crackling in the fireplace. It was jointly organised by the One Spirit Alliance and The Abbey. What the day brought home was that the endeavours to bring greater spiritual content to our lives and to society is not simply a matter of ‘others’ or ‘organisations’ but of individuals and individual destinies working together.

The second annual conference of

The Alister Hardy Religious Experience Research Centre

at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David

This took place on July 3 rd 2015 in the Founders’ Library in Lampeter. The topic was the study of Angels. The aim of the day was to highlight how angels
are perceived in different traditions and how we study them in different academic approaches.

Science, Religion and Spirituality: Moving towards a Post-Materialist Paradigm?

This joint AHSSSE / SMN conference took place on Saturday 27th June 2015 in Oxford. Speakers were Prof. Bernard Carr and Revd. Prof. Jeff Astley.

The Manifesto for a Post-Materialist Science includes a reference to “…the need to take into consideration spiritual experience”: how might current data and thinking contribute to change in the current materialist paradigm? The day will include a dialogue between the two speakers, with contribution from the floor.

Prof Bernard Carr is Professor in Mathematics and Astronomy at Queen Mary University of London, Vice-President of the SPR and Chair of the SMN.

Prof Jeff Astley is Honorary Professor in the Department of Theology and Religion, Durham University and a visiting professor at Glyndwr University and York St John University.

Shared Silence, Shared Vision, Shared Action

A Meditative Approach to Deepening our Connections

This event took place on the Saturday 15th April, 2015. Pictured above is Philip Marvin from the Study Society who hosted the morning along with Phillipa Blackham from the Brahma Kumaris and One Spirit Interfaith who hosted the afternoon session.

 Green Spirit

The Universe Story Event

The science from the origin of the Universe
to the present day – and its meaning ~

This was a collaborative day, supported by the One Spirit Alliance


What are the needs of our time – and
how can we best respond?

This One Spirit Alliance gathering in November 2014 at The Abbey, Sutton Courtenay explored the new challenges facing spiritual organisations in a fast-changing world and considered whether our current responses are adequate.
The aim of the day was to promote greater awareness and understanding between participating organisations. Sharing experiences and conversing on the key issues we all face is enriching and enlivening. This idea took the tangible form of an interconnecting hexagon pattern. Each organisation wrote their main intentions on one side of the hexagon and the name of the organisation on the other. Without knowing the identity of each organisation we were invited to situate our hexagon next to other hexagons of organisations who resonated with our own principles. This form created a dialogue of interconnection and support and is ever expanding

20141122_151113 20141122_151402

 I know that another world is possible. At times I can almost hear her breathing( Arudhati Roy)
 Sometimes people say we have to do more than preach to the choir but part of our work is helping the choir to find each other. There is a very beautiful song to be sung on this planet when we all connect our streams to one another , and the potential of the amplification for what can happen on this Earth is magnificent ( David Nicol .)
Spirituality is a state of connectedness to life. It is an experience of being, belonging and caring. It is sensitivity and compassion, joy and hope. It is the harmony between the innermost life and the outer life, or the life of the world and life universal.( U Thant. )
Sometimes people say we have to do more than preach to the choir but part of our work is helping the choir to find each other. There is a very beautiful song to be sung on this planet when we all connect our streams to one another , and the potential of the amplification for what can happen on this Earth is magnificent ( David Nicol .)
 Spirituality is a state of connectedness to life. It is an experience of being, belonging and caring. It is sensitivity and compassion, joy and hope. It is the harmony between the innermost life and the outer life, or the life of the world and life universal.( U Thant. )

Creating bridges between cultures

Founder of The Free Spirit Network participates in the Festival Alouane Doukkala, Morocco 

Find out more!

festival maroc

The New Story Summit

 The New Story Hub is a resource centre for anyone interested in the huge transitional task we face as a global community. Inspired by the sold-out New Story Summit at the Findhorn Foundation, we hope this site will become a valuable resource for New Story Seekers worldwide and support the practical implementation of radical change. We invite you to participate and to help us accelerate our collective understanding of what might be, what is emerging and what must change, both in us and in the Human Story.

One Spirit Alliance Conference

‘Spirit in Action’

28th June 2014

at Colet House, London

The day aimed to honour the unique contribution each individual and organisation has to make whilst recognising that by working together collaboratively we are all enriched and strengthened.

Speakers on the day were

Anthony Russell author of Evolving the spirit- from Democracy to Peace

Serge Beddington-Behrens author of Awakening the Universal Heart







Towards an Age of Light

Perhaps the most significant symbol presaging a new Age of Light in human life is the laser.  It is no surprise that such a powerful tool has the potential for both creative and destructive uses, for light can blind as well as illuminate. As ever the responsibility for right use lies within human hands…….

What gives the laser its peculiar potency?  Everyone knows that the light from a laser is of only one colour and that this light can be projected as a very narrow beam.  What is probably less understood is that these two qualities are different aspects of the key characteristic namely coherence.  In simple terms this means that each individual waveform of light, each photon, is ‘in step’ with all others like soldiers marching in close formation.  This gives the light its extraordinary purity, intensity and power of projection.  An interesting analogy could be made with the mind of a trained mediator which can penetrate into previously unknown realms of consciousness.  Another analogy which is particularly instructive as we move into an age where group consciousness is increasingly the norm is between coherence and two of the principles identified by the esoteric philosophy as essential to our times, namely the principles of unanimity and essential divinity.

How do these principles operate in a group?  In the case of unanimity we could say that it is where a group is consciously striving to find the highest common point of agreement on a specific course of action.  This distinguishes from the much maligned ‘groupthink’ where people agree with whatever others think in order to minimise conflict.  Instead those striving for unanimity intend to seek the harmony that lies beyond conflict by critically assessing all ideas without attaching any importance to their source.  It is only by removing the strictly personal dimension that the underlying quality of ideas can be properly weighed and the resonance of the highest common point of agreement can begin to emerge, subtly building in strength as the group senses it with increasing clarity.  The principle of essential divinity works in a similar way as members of a group from different spiritual traditions gradually recognise the essential qualities of Spirit common to their specific faiths allowing them to participate in a shared approach to the source of all Light and Love however it is labelled.

Excerpt form World Goodwill Newsletter 2014.No2

NB  the United Nations has declared 2015 the International Year of Light.


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