The Last Battle

A reflection by Janice Dolley – 

This morning I was drawn to read once again a chapter entitled “Christ and the Adversary Forces” in Sir George Trevelyan’s book “A Vision of the Aquarian Age” (republished in 2012 by White Crow Books). I had read this several times before and it was timely to re-read it again today. The present decision to move us into lock-down reminded me of the declaration of war at the start of WW2 and how we are still poised between two adversary forces which are currently playing out very strongly.

Sir George based his understanding of these forces on the insights of Rudolph Steiner, who named these two aspects of evil in the world as “Lucifer” and “Ahriman”. Lucifer, the biblical ‘fallen angel’ (also known as the ‘light bearer’) plays upon our consciousness and inflates our egos to a “narcissistic intoxication”. Think of the mighty rich minority who own much of the media, pharmaceutical companies, the banks the paedophile rings and the drug cartels. These have grown to a ‘must now be stopped’ level,

In the opposite polarity is Ahriman, the ‘Lord of Darkness,’ who drags the human soul ever deeper into matter and the world of the physical senses, at which point we start to deny the reality of Spirit and begin to regard the universe as a dead mechanism. Sir George reminds us in his piece that under the Nazi regime, Germany was controlled by Luciferic forces and the Nazi dream of controlling the world, whereas Ahriman is now dominating the modern world where self-acquisition, self-image and self-power have sucked in so many, to the point of denying the higher worlds of Spirit and the divine origin of our souls. As a result, our organs of perception have atrophied and now need to be re-awakened.

Some of us woke up to this in the nineteen seventies as our “organs of perception” re-awakened through meditation and small group sharing and conscious conversations. We began to see the need to turn to a more holistic direction that saw Planet Earth as one living entity and our role as stewards not dominators. We started to try out organic agriculture, holistic education, alternative healing methods etc. and communities like the Findhorn Foundation became gathering grounds for us to meet others of like mind. Since then we have watched as intellectual prowess (with its focus on scientific and technological progress) has grown, whilst imaginative visions have shrunk. It was when one of my grandchildren, reading Philosophy at university, struggled with an essay on ‘how do you know you are not a brain in a vat’ (and would call home complaining “they are trying to kill my spirit”) that it felt to me as if education had reached an all-time low. It seems as though those governing it have been determined to de-spiritualise the young generations and destroy their creativity and zest for living. No wonder the scale of mental disorders in the young have so greatly increased. As soul nourishing pursuits have been systematically diminished, they find that their education is destroying the magic, the imagination and sense of beauty.

So, my key message at this time is that so often we do not recognise how ‘evil’ entities are dragging our souls away from the light and from love and our connection with the spark of Spirit within us all. This is a call to those who have awakened to the polarity of negative forces that we need to hold in balance and who are endeavouring to blaze a golden pathway between the two. This pathway needs to first strengthen the force for good in our world and then rise to seek a third higher way between the balanced polarities that transcends them both As we do so, we can call on the positive power of the Christ – the Christos – which is there for all and does not belong to Christianity alone. It is important to be reassured that the dark forces give way to the Light of the Christ and that in our times of quiet and attunement, and from our inner beings, we can direct out thoughts to this light – which can be received in our hearts and transformed into love for all beings. It can then be directed outwards again to meet and transform the encroaching darkness.

We know we are called to be the Light of the World, each of us individually as well as collectively as we link with others. Each time we venture from home, or periodically throughout the day, we can in our creative imagination surround ourselves with a cloak or protective sphere of radiance. Some see this as royal blue, which is the colour of the Archangel Michael. As a protective symbol, we can hold an image of the Iona equal sided cross of Light surrounded by a circle or sphere of Light.

I have a vivid memory of how, in 1939 there was a call to arms and all the young men stepped forward or were conscripted to the forces. This now is a war of a different kind. I am sorry if this sounds a bit dramatic, but it has been brewing for a long time. C.S. Lewis wrote about it in his book in the Narnia series called, “The Last Battle”.

So, this is a call to all those who have signed up to the path of ‘higher Love’ and are pledged to work for the good of all humanity and for the many expressions of the One Life that share this planet with us. Choose your own form of inner connection and trust that help is there. As a child in the wartime of WW2, I was taught to sing:

“We are asked to shine like a clear bright light

        Like a little candle burning in the night

        In this world of darkness, we are asked to shine

        You in your small corner and I in mine”

Through the difficult months that may lie ahead, each morning and evening, let us consciously open to the influx of light and love into our physical body and also into our subtle bodies with which we are surrounded and feel ourselves as part of what Neale Donald Walsh calls “Humanity’s Team.” Like the Big Ben Silent Minute, we can be a force like no other. Hitler used to call this Britain’s secret weapon; one that he could never conquer. Also, some of us have started at 9.0pm each evening, just for five minutes, to attune inwardly and hold the energy of unconditional love in our hearts and souls

I am not sure if this communication is called a blog, but I am ending it with a timely and inspiring piece from the Sufi teacher Llewellyn Vaughan Lee:

Colliding Forces: Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

Mystics are prepared for this. We are used to standing on the edge of what is known and welcoming the unknown, the unknowable. We are trained to respond from a place within us deeper than any cultural conditioning – a place that belongs to the Divine.  We try not to be imprisoned by any form or belief, and always allow our attachments to be swept aside by the greater power that comes from within. And we know that behind any apparent misfortune lie the love and care of our Beloved.

This attitude allows us to stand in the very axis of change, on the edge of the fault line where we can help the new energy come into being. We are not frightened of devastation because we have already been destroyed by love. We are used to power greater than we can comprehend. And rather than being caught in outer dramas, in patterns of action and reaction, we have learned to rest in presence and stillness.

In the simplicity of our ordinary selves, living our ordinary lives, with our prayers and devotions we create a container that can help humanity make this transition. Rooted in the depth of our being we link together the inner and outer worlds so that the energy can flow more freely into the outer. And we do this not out of fear, which would contract us, but with love and joy to be of service, knowing that another cycle of revelation, another chapter in the story of our world, is unfolding. 


Sent with many blessings,

Janice Dolley

31st March 2020