A personal adventure and book, by Tim Willcocks

                    Tim Willcocks on the move

“Tim – this is the most exciting thing we have heard about the (seminal) year 2012!”, commented Alice about a You-tube piece by Drunvalo Melchisedek. He spoke of the ancient ‘people of peace’ who melted back into the landscape of New Zealand when invaders attacked, sending out thought waves of peace.

‘White Brotherhood stuff’ I intuited.

Soon before leaving England for ‘Aoteoroa’ in 2009 I unexpectedly met a Maori elder near Glastonbury, and also I received a beautiful message from a Kiwi at a Welsh campsite. Some coincidence!

Once in New Zealand another ‘chance’ meeting brought me into the embrace of a Waitaha elder, who invited me to a ‘landing of the Terresteros tomorrow evening’.

“The who?”

“They are one eyed, maybe middle-earth people, and coming in total love for this planet”.

For sure I wasn’t going to miss that!

The following personal ‘quest’ that followed took me into some extraordinary places, situations and ‘ceremonies’ that really seem to verge on the paranormal, and I was aided by guidance from my trusty pendulum – to the astonishment of a hitch-hiker from Japan!

                                              Mt Ruapehu, last active 1995

Maui told us the thought-provoking history of the Waitaha, how they had originated 60,000 years ago in the Tarim Basin, now an area of Tibet, how they were originally light skinned, red haired, green eyed people, and how these people of peace had migrated both west and east to reach New Zealand.

The ancient star temple of Te Miringa Te Kakara became an adventure in itself, learning to respect and honour the land and the great Kiwi hardwoods – guardians of the place.

         Rock carved spirals, South Island

There are the ancient spirals carved in rocks across the land, just as at Newgrange in Ireland ….. The oral histories of the Waitaha are carried in 3,000 chants from two hours to two days long …. The formative spirits of the land, the ‘Taniwha’ are almost tangible …. Of course there is much more!

“What a story you have there”, said Helen’s friends on our return, “You’ve gotta write a book!”

So this is my personal adventure story, which started as a three week journey of exploration to New Zealand and meet distant relatives, but which became far more.


On further visits to research into information about the original settlers of the land – the Waitaha – I found that there is a general amnesia about New Zealand’s rich historical past, and I strongly believe that this story of the Waitaha needs to be told.

During my travels with Waitaha I was told by KIrar that “You are here because you are able to help us take this message out to the world”.

Separately I was told by Maui, commenting on my Welsh ancestry: “Then you have the responsibility”.

 “When we lose our story we lose our dream and when we lose our dream our spirit dies.” *

 And there you have it!

Out of this grew a book. And that book is the following —




‘Moai’ near Wellington

A book with 60 evocative colour photos, which speaks on several levels. It can be read right through, or dipped into.

 – “I just could not put it down ….. and you have covered so much ground – from so many angles ….. A really good read.” U.S. (UK)

Highly recommended for helping to open the doors of perception.” I.W. (UK)

– “It is just the right size and layout for a gift …. the right price too!” D.J. (UK)

– “So when are you back here to complete the sequel?  Your room awaits!” I.C. (NZ)


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A gem of a book, with 60 photos and 3 maps.  Price £9.00 + £2.50 UK p&p.

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A vital source of further information is the book written by Barry Brailsford ‘Song of Waitaha’ which portrays the essence of the nation:

‘We are Waitaha. We are the water containers of the Creator …. We are always here in the Universe. For there were many water containers of many forms, of many nations. We follow Rongomaraeroa the Goddess of Peace. Waitaha is older than old.’…. ‘How we live is more important than how we die’.

The Song of Waitaha: The Histories of a Nation, written by Barry Bailsford, was first released to the world in 1994. It was republished again in 2003. It is available directly through, or from Wharariki Publishing Limited, Christchurch, New Zealand.


* Quoted from Barry Brailsford, at a talk in Lewes, Sussex, 1st May 2011.

             ‘Aoraki’ – Mount Cook