School of Intuitive Herbalism

The School of Intuitive Herbalism is dedicated to supporting people in their development as herbalists and healers. All our work revolves around learning from the plants directly, guiding people into this and engaging with the healing processes that are catalysed by the rich human-plant relationships that emerge.

Founded by Nathaniel Hughes, the School of Intuitive Herbalism has been offerening courses for 10 years. As described by Nathan:

“Since studying pharmacology as part of my chemistry degree, I’ve been fascinated by the remarkable overlaps between plants and humans. In particular I developed a deep curiosity that has guided me ever since – how did humans learn about the healing qualities of plants? Many ethnobotanical sources suggested that shamans spoke of the plants simply telling them – if this was so where is this forgotten language?

Twenty years on from those early questions I now know for sure that the plants speak to us all the time (not in spoken language but in a myriad of other ways). I daily guide people into listening to this communication, and at the same time listening to their own bodies. When we open ourselves in this way, when we become quiet and receptive, when we have the self-knowledge and awareness to notice subtle influences on us – the medicine of the plants becomes obvious. The mystery is not how nature communicates but how come that, as a culture, we have so utterly forgotten how to listen. My work is to help people remember and helps us bring the plants back as a living vibrant medicine for our times.”

Nathaniel Hughes has written two books about his work – ‘Intuitive Herbalism’ (2nd edition, 2016) and ‘Weeds in the Heart (2nd edition, 2018).

Course examples:

  • Subtle Bodywork and Reiki
  • Subtle Sensing
  • Three-day introductions in June, August and October 2019

The school is now welcoming applications for courses in 2019 and 2020. The school is located in the beautiful Horsley Valley in Gloucestershire, UK.

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