A Message for our Time and the year 2023 – ‘Fear Not’

Sobering thoughts, finding the courage, on a threshold of hope…

A Message for our Time, and the year 2023 — ‘Fear Not!’

A  Message for Our Time

I have been re-reading  a chapter in a book by my teacher Sir George Trevelyan- “Christ and the Adversary Forces (1) and hope that those reading this will understand the Christ as a great universal energy of love, light and wisdom permeating all creation rather than the link only to Jesus of Nazareth as understood in orthodoxy.

I was writing this just before Christmas 2022 following an experience on 11/11 this last year, when a friend and I sat and meditated together remembering those who gave their lives in two world wars. After our meditation we shared stories about my grandfather in WW1 and his father in WW2. Both survived but suffered what we now call post-traumatic stress syndrome. He showed me  his father’s medals for outstanding bravery in service and I told him of  the note that my grandfather left with his will apologising for his periodic outburst of anger and saying that” if you experienced what I had experienced you would understand.”

What I was left with was the sense that all those who died did so to ensure the future generations might have FREEDOM and it is our it is now our freedom that is being threatened in subtle and often invisible ways today. If this statement does not ring bells with you then this is the very reason why I’m writing this. It may seem a strange message to send at the Christmas season and coming into the New Year. But is it ?

At the time of the birth of Jesus the population was under the fierce control of King Herod and his minions. Joseph and Mary were travelling to register their details so that  Herod knew exactly who was under his control and could be taxed. Then when their baby was born they had to secretly escape to Egypt because Herod was exterminating any possible threat to his power. Doubtless most of the population acquiesced either because they did not notice what was happening or, if they did , they did not have the strength to resist so prayed for a saviour to come and save them. What they received was not a warrior but a gentle baby!

These attempts at domination surfaced periodically and we are told that the twelfth century mystic and Abbess, Hildegard of Bingen,  rebelled against the dominance of church and state in the Middle Ages and that her role was to break the cycle of greed, power, and politics that  was destroying Mother Earth as well as the soul of humanity.

Fast forward 2000 years and the same situation is underway today and people generally are so engaged with their daily lives or too buried in the materialism that was generated by the old story of separation and conflict that they have truly not noticed what has been going on.

Following this time with my friend I felt stirred deep within all day and a sense of quiet rage, which I hope  was a holy rage, began to fill me. About 15 years ago I had said to my husband “ We are in the middle of World War Three but it is an invisible war and no one seems to have yet noticed”. Then about 11 years ago one of our daughters was inspired to make a film hinting at the dark slowly causing the loss of our relationship to the natural world, especially by children now compelled by screens, of the creeping in of AI and transhumanism, of a programme of eugenics and the consequent lack of appreciation of the wondrous beauty we have around us. Only a few friends and colleagues saw the implications  at that time, but she played it once again to a group of 12 or so recently who have been gathering at our house fortnightly and we were astonished how prescient this film had been  and how the reality she conveyed is now clear for all with eyes to see.

But do we see ? Conditioned as we are to trust the government, the mainstream media, the leaders of corporations  and many of the world organisations it seems that we have been lulled Into a sleep of acceptance of  a creeping norm that would not be of our choosing. President John Kennedy was not prepared to tolerate secret societies and was working for the best for humanity which did not please the criminal cabals and we know what then happened and my generation lost the man we thought of as a saviour. Maybe his son will be able to reverse things or maybe we all will no longer look for a saviour ‘out there’ but realise that the saviour is now within each of us .

Sir George Trevelyan in writing the chapter on Christ and the Adversary Forces  was often quoting the piece by the playwright Christopher Fry in his play The Sleep of Prisoners which ends  with:

“It takes a thousand, thousand years to wake

And will you wake for pity’s sake?”(2)_

We are all honest people  so we assume this in others but there is a saying that ‘ it’s easier to get someone to believe a lie, then convince them they have been lied to’. But my friends we have been lied to, endlessly, and it’s almost too late to resist, but not quite.

The systems pf power and control  have come and gone through the ages and are worse now than they have ever been, but where do these seem to spring from ? Sir George in this chapter  cites  Rudolf Steiner who, from his research into the invisible worlds, established a distinction between two demonic forces which constitute a polarity and exercise the greatest adverse influence on the evolving soul of humans:

” We tend to think of the devil as a single being, but we must distinguish, however, between Lucifer the fallen Angel, the light bearer, the tempter and Mephistopheles. Ahriman, Lord of the darkness, the denier of the Spirit, the eternal negative. Lucifer and the beings that work for him are responsible for that trend in the soul which inflates man’s egoism, and kindles his lust for power… The complementary force is Ahriman, the Lord of the darkness who drags the human soul ever deeper into matter and the world of the senses, thereby denying the reality of the Spiri.”

It seems that Ahriman is behind the power of materialism, diverting us from our souls and is currently leading  towards transhumanism and AI futures. Mean time caught up with the Luciferic forces and intoxicated by money and a lust for physical pleasures of a dubious  kind, there is a  global elite who own more funds than the rest of us added together.  And where does this endless supply of money come from ? The answer is by selling arms for unnecessary wars, by controlling profit motivated pharmaceuticals companies, and ensuring our compliance by controlling  the mainstream media and a high majority of politicians. In this way they are distorting the true course of evolution

But before we resort to labelling those who have awoken to what is underway as  ‘conspiracy theorists’ or othering the darkest amongst us, we need to remember that we too have an unrecognised shadow self and that our collective unhealed shadow is what is being reflected back to us now. These forces are playing on us overtime and each of us is a mixture of good and bad and when this shadow side gets out of control then it can cause havoc.

A recent paper from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in southern California explains that it is likely that we haven’t yet encountered intelligent extra terrestrial life because “all intelligent life has likely destroyed itself before reaching a sophisticated enough point in evolution to support such an encounter. And the same fate likely awaits humans unless we take action……But there is still a bit of hope for humans……The key is in identifying destructive aspects in ourselves and neutralizing them in advance. The likely culprits include nuclear war, pandemics, climate change and uncontrolled artificial intelligence” How interesting that these are all the areas that the as yet widely unrecognised ‘deep state’ have been pursuing ! They end by warning that  “history has shown that intra species competition and more importantly, collaboration, has led us towards the highest peaks of invention. And yet, we prolong notions that seemed to be the antithesis of long term sustainable growth: racism, genocide, inequity, sabotage.”

Can we now wake up to this and then how might we respond? Sir George goes on to say that:  “It is particularly urgent in our age of spiritual awakening to recognise the polarity of spiritual forces, held in balanced by the positive power of light – the Christ –  and that we are reaching the stage in evolution when a great step forward can be taken towards cosmic consciousness. A new age is indeed dawning. It should hardly be surprising, then, that the forces that deny and distort spiritual knowledge are struggling evermore furiously to establish their dominion in the battle of Armageddon that has been truly joined.  Each soul is a battlefield, and each must choose his affiliation and  pledge his allegiance. Tolkein’s great myth of the conflict of the light and darkness is powerfully relevant to our epoch.”

So what has this to do with my sense of  turmoil on 11/11 this year when I saw that our freedoms and our sovereignty as droplets of divinity was at stake.  Sir George points out that “Nazism did not die with Adolf Hitler … and if Lucifer suffered a temporary set back with the fall of the Third Reich it is now Ahriman who stands triumphant

Well I grew up with bombs dropping down on us every night for several years. The people next door but one were all killed so it was close, and in the Anglican church that I attended in the children’s corner was a picture of a soldier in battle dress kneeling in prayer before going out to battle. Already I knew one of the young Air Force pilots who was shot down in his Spitfire and I knew his parents. It was real but even at age 8 years  or so I knew it had implications for something in the future for myself.

On 11/11 I realised more deeply than ever before that this war we are in is real and each one of us needs to wake up to this and say NO, and that I could no longer pussyfoot around the topic for fear of upsetting friends and family.  To turn our backs  now and refuse to consider the corruption of governments, the judiciary, much of the mainstream media, many corporations and, above all global organisations such as the WEF, WHO, would be little short of madness.

Whilst much of my time is spent on communicating the essential oneness of all life and I hope contributing to building the foundations of a new era based on love, this is of little use unless I also fully recognise the lack of courage and other shadows within myself.

So what might we do to help overcome this dark? Certainly not too turn our backs but maybe :

1 Fully face the dark comprehensively without shying away from the grosser, almost unspeakable aspects. This is difficult for those with a religious background because we’ve been taught to see only the goodness in people.

2 Integrate both the light and the dark within ourselves which does involve facing our own shadow and feeling into how in many ways are also responsible for what is out there.

3 Then to fully transcend and ‘unclude’ concern about this and continue on with whatever work we feel called to do, holding as a  framework for our lives the now scientifically evidenced deep  interconnectedness in which we live.

And let us also remember that we are not alone. A friend who is a psychic was in a small gathering at our house recently and said he could see the Archangel Michael and his team in the room. Help is available; we just have to wake from our preoccupations whatever these may be and assist one of the many new rays of hope that can breakthrough clashing ideologies and awaken the potential within each of us for working together towards radical regeneration.

“Awakening involves entering into higher dimensions of spiritual and conscious awareness. Love and Light are the same energy, consciousness emanating from the Creator, the Supreme being of the cosmos and it is the most powerful force in existence. The transitional path from the old ways to the new can be a joyful, exciting adventure for all who choose to go in that direction. Manifesting Earth’s destiny and moving towards a Golden Age requires the eradication of all darkness on the planet and that cannot be accomplished if puppets of the dark forces, and they number in many thousands, continue to emit the low vibrations that enable the forces influence not only to remain but also to spread.”

There is another way that will also assist, and it involves us all in co creating a new reality as best we can. Firstly where we live we can be the change we would like to see in the world, and on any decision that we make first ask ‘what would love do’?

Two days after Remembrance Day I signed up to be an online  participant in the 60th birthday celebrations of the Findhorn Foundation community which, for me, has been my spiritual community of belonging, especially during the 15 years I was a trustee. There were at least 200 people in the hall, some I knew  and many I did not know. It felt like a ‘homoeopathic dose of humanity’ singing

“Let my heart reflect thy light Lord

As the moon reflects the light of the sun, in love”

This felt like a homecoming and a reminder that what I call small ‘islands of the future’ are one of the ways we can co-create a new reality for those as yet unborn to arrive into. Now is the time for us all to be grateful for being on earth at this critical moment of choice and for whatever unique magic gift we each have to give the world in order that all may be free and live happy and sustainable lives. The Findhorn Foundation was based on three key principles

  • attune with the sacred within all life and listen in silence to the voice of the Spirit within
  • co-operation with the subtle field of the intelligence of nature and the spirit that sustains it
  • celebration of friends, family and all the non- human beings that make up the community within which we live which we serve in away that our work is our love made visible

With these, and many other sets of principles like it, we can enjoy the exploration and celebration of life itself in all its many forms as well as the unique ongoing journey through the spirals of so much learning and experience and the possibilities we have for sharing this with others.

So this let us support each other to fear not as the angels reassured the shepherds at Christmas, because it is fear that undermines us and at the same time say NO to the creeping forces of control. Meanwhile we can ignite the sparks of light within each of us into a flame of hope, of trust and dedicated purpose so that it can radiate into the world and both restore those in need of any kind and also accelerate the shift towards  more conscious living that can be the foundation for the biblically heralded golden age to come.  We need to remember that we are the founders of the next civilization and the ancestors of those as yet unborn. Each day  we can try to remember” to love one another even as I have loved you” .Was this not what the angels meant when they wished us peace on earth and goodwill to all men ?

When at the winter solstice we call the light of the sun back into our physical world and shortly after at the Christ Mass we celebrate the demonstration that this light is also held within the heart of each of us awaiting our recognition, then, whilst feeling for all the suffering in our present world, we can also remember to seek sources of information other than the mainstream media, keep our vibrations high, release any sense of fear and live in love and joy in every moment. This will be my New year endeavour and I truly wish you well in yours.


  1. Sir George Trevelyan “A Vision of the Aquarian Age: The Emerging Spiritual World View “ 1984 still Point Publishing,  now published by White Crow Books
  2. Christopher Fry, “ The Sleep of Prisoners”


Janice Dolley
December 2022/ February 2023