The autumn equinox and Michaelmas

Writing this on a Michaelmas day, in 2019, I reflected at the time on a visit the previous day to Wells in Somerset and the wonderful St. Andrews Cathedral, taking a tour of the cathedral and attending the evensong service. The tour guide spoke of how the church is on the site of two previous … [Read more…]

Reflections on Whitsun ~ a festival for our time?

On Whitsun day and Whitmonday and in Whitsuntide, we can ponder on what it means. That the Holy Spirit descended on humankind as a gift from God have become phrases in the church that few have an inkling what is being talked about. Perhaps in our material time we simply cannot comprehend spirit initiated changes … [Read more…]

The Soul Calendar Verses

The verses in ‘The Calendar of the Soul’ were written by Rudolf Steiner for each week of the year (original in German), reflecting the soul experiences we can feel and through which we can inwardly grow in relationship to the time of the year. Through such reflections and meditations on the changing soul experiences through … [Read more…]

New Story Hub

A sampling from the New Story Hub Past editions (click on the banner above for the most recent): From Apartheid to Ecovillages | Kosha Joubert | TEDxFindhorn Thursday, 4 Jun 2015“Apartheid is not an old issue that died in the nineties”, Kosha tells us. “Apartheid means ‘to be in a state of separation’” and it … [Read more…]